Orthodontics is a specialized branch of clinical dentistry dealing with the growth, development and maintenance of dentofacial complex and the study of developmental disorders and any pathogens that can cause bite disorders. Contrary to popular opinion that the goal of orthodontic treatment is purely aesthetic, please note that the proper relationship of teeth, in addition to nice appearance, is important also for the health of muscles, jaw joint and the whole chewing system. Orthodontic appliances may be fixed or mobile. There is no better or worse appliance: both of them are used for prescribed indications. Treatment with mobile appliances is limited to a short period of growth and development during puberty. In adult patients, mobile appliances are used mainly to maintain the status achieved with the fixed appliance.

Fixed appliances are indicated in adulthood. The so-called braces are bonded to the teeth and remain on them until the end of treatment. Orthodonic wires act onto the tooth with gentle continuous forces with full biological effect. During the treatment, perfect oral hygiene must be maintained and a patient must undergo regular controls. Upon completion of the treatment with the fixed appliance, it is necessary to wear the mobile appliance for a while in order to stabilize the teeth and keep them in place.