Although dental implants installation nowadays offers the possibility of rehabilitation of almost all types of partial edentulism, great efforts are continuously made to cure teeth with the infected root canal. It is always better to keep every tooth that has a chance to remain in the mouth. The reasons that favour teeth treatment include a faster completion of treatment and the possibility of prosthetic rehabilitation and lower economic costs. Current treatment is based on precision (mechanical) cleaning and shaping of the root canal, thorough rinsing, strong disinfection and precise closing of the canal system.

Cleaning and shaping are performed by NiTi (nickel-titanium) instruments, whose elasticity facilitates the treatment of all groups of teeth regardless of the number of roots and their curvature. The application apex locator ensures accurate determination of the length of the root canal eliminating the irritation of tissues outside the canal system. Complete negativisation of bacteria is achieved by laser use, which represents the top achievement of modern endodonics. During all procedures a patient does not feel pain, which makes the treatment easier. A cured tooth can continue to function in the mouth for an indefinite period of time, however, it must be reconstructed in terms of missing tooth tissue in order to complete the reconstruction.