Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with a compensation of lost tissues of the oral cavity, and/or aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of the patient’s oral cavity by using crowns, bridges and dentures. It is based on sound biological basis, while making of every denture represents a medical procedure. Dentures making has a therapeutic meaning only if it achieves the restoration of the patient teeth functions. The most common functional disorders are related to the absence of one or more teeth (pain in the jaw joints, increased mobility of the teeth, change of the remaining teeth position as a result of periodontal disease).

The loss of a large number of teeth leads to a drastic reduction in chewing efficiency, reduces the vertical dimension of the face, changes the jaw relationships, etc. The use of prosthesis is the solution to this situation. In recent years, equal attention is paid both to functional rehabilitation and to the esthetic rehabilitation. To achieve these goals, our dental surgery uses the latest methods and materials in making dentures (metal-free ceramic-zirconia, alumina, empress, etc.).