Oral surgery

oralna hirurgija

By applying appropriate surgical procedures and local anesthesia, modern dentistry provides for painless oral-surgical interventions with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues and rare postoperative complications. Oral surgery includes all surgical interventions in the oral cavity such as dental extractions, surgical removal of impacted third molars and canines, extraction of roots, tooth root end surgeries in order to eliminate periapical process (apicoectomy), removal of tumors and cysts, levelling of the alveolar ridge and other interventions as part of the preparation of soft and bony structures in the mouth for better prosthetic rehabilitation.

Oral surgery includes the installation of dental implants, guided regeneration of hard and soft tissues, maxillary sinus floor augmentation and other interventions to remedy and eliminate irregularities and deformities of the face, jaw and teeth. Each tooth is precious and the goal of modern dentistry is to take all necessary measures to preserve your teeth.