The possibility of recovering a missing tooth without damaging the remaining teeth is certainly a goal to which dentistry aspires nowadays. Implantology forms part of modern clinical dentistry. The long-year practice has shown that implant placement is a routine procedure lasting about thirty minutes, which is completely painless and performed in local anesthesia. Implants are used to fill in the gap caused by one or more missing teeth, whereby the implant serves as a support for future prosthetic restoration.

When should you choose an implant?

- One tooth missing - If you have one tooth missing, placement of an implant is the best solution, because in this case two adjacent teeth are protected as they would have to be prepared if a classic bridge is made.

- Several teeth missing - If you have several teeth missing, implants serve as supporters of the bridge.

- Edentulousness:

1. A bridge supported by the implants is a fixed solution; the minimum 6-8 implants are placed in a jaw and then a circular bridge is created.

2. A denture supported by the implants is a mobile solution; a small number of implants of standard sizes is implanted or the so-called mini implants that support the denture. A denture supported by implants is much more stable than ordinary dentures and it can still be removed for cleaning.

During the implantation, all the latest state-of-the-art methods are used: immediate implantation, immediate load, regenerative techniques. The implants used in our dental surgery are produced by  Nobel Biocare, Zimmer Dental and other producers.