Veneers or facets are the symbol of a modern and successful 21st century man. From Hollywood stars’ smiles to your smile, facets have changed many a smile.

Who can have facets?

Facets are not intended only for the rich and famous. The team of experts in our dental surgery can use facets to make your smile more beautiful.

What are facets?

- Facets are thin ceramic flakes placed on the front surface of a tooth. The facet production requires minimal preparation of the tooth front surface because they are very thin, while other tooth areas remain intact, which is a much better biological solution compared to the preparation of the tooth for the crown.

- Facets are fixed and/or glued to the tooth by using a special adhesive technique.

- With proper selection of facet colours and designs, we will give you a natural look and a more beautiful smile.

What facet is the right solution for you?

- when you want to change the colour, shape and size of teeth

- in case of tetracycline-stained teeth that do not respond to the bleaching process

- when you want to fill in the gap between teeth

- when you want to restore a broken tooth or tooth damaged by caries

What facets are available?

- Ceramic facets are made of high-quality ceramics. In our dental surgery we make them by using the CEREC CAD/CAM technology. After tooth preparation for a facet, during which a part of tooth substance from the front surface of the tooth is removed, we take the optical print by using computerized cameras and the facet is produced in the surgery during the same day. If a technician makes facets, prints are taken by using the appropriate print mass. Then the making of a facet lasts for several days. At the end of this procedure, facets are fixed onto the tooth by using appropriate adhesive cements.

- Facets without tooth preparation, the so-called “no-prep facets”. Owing to modern adhesive cements we can cement a facet of minimum thickness on your tooth without the risk of its fracture during a normal chewing function. Thanks to this technique, aesthetic problems such as dissatisfaction with the shape or colour of teeth can be eliminated by using the facets produced without teeth preparation.

- Composite facets can also bring the desired aesthetic effect, but the results largely depend on the dentist’s skills. Please note that composites as materials are not so durable so that there may be a change of colour around the perimeter of a single facet after a few years.