Teeth whitening

beljenje zuba

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular non-invasive ways for beautifying your smile. Our dental surgery offers a wide range of biologically safe treatments individually tailored to your needs with proven effects on the teeth and resulting in better appearance of your teeth in just one visit.

1) Home bleaching

- Nightly – by using individually made splint

- Daily – by using individually made splint

Individual splines made for each patient based on his/her teeth print are used. These splints are transparent; they are carried for several hours during the day or at night – they are filled with teeth whitening gel and placed on the teeth.

2) Chairside bleaching

In-office bleaching procedure is simple and painless. It starts by protecting your lips and gums. A dentist then applies teeth whitening gel to the teeth, which is activated by lamplight. This procedure is repeated 3 times and lasts only 15 minutes per session. The result is sparkling white teeth in 45 minutes!

3) Internal bleaching of dead darkened teeth

You can be sure that the method for your teeth whitening has been examined in detail and that you will have the desired results in a safe and secure way.

Check out the difference on our photos before and after the treatment: Look in HERE